Preston University


The goal of all Preston University degree programs is to offer students the opportunity to obtain a high quality education—one designed to develop well-rounded individuals who possess the skills necessary for personal growth and professional advancement. Graduation from a Preston University degree program is not a guarantee of employment in one’s field of study.


The following degree programs are offered through Preston University’s distance education system.

Associate of Arts/Science   (AA/AS) in several fields.  
Bachelor of Business Administration   (BBA)  
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science   (BSCS)  
Bachelors of Arts in Fashion Design   (BAFD)
Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management   (BBAHM)
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology   (BSIT)  
Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design   (BAID)
Bachelors of Arts in Islamic Studies   (BAIS)
Master of Arts in Islamic Studies   (MAIS)
Master of Business Administration   (MBA)
Executive Master of Business Administration   (EMBA)  
Master of Science in Adult Education   (MSED)  
Master of Science in Computer Science   (MSCS)  
Master of Science in Healthcare Administration   (MSHA)
Master of Science in Information Technology   (MSIT)  
Master of Science in Occupational Safety & Health   (MSOSH)
Doctorate Degree in several fields  
Doctor of Philosophy   (Ph.D.) in a variety of fields including interdisciplinary studies.

Textbooks and syllabi for each course are delivered to the student for home-based study. Completed course work is submitted by mail or e-mail to Preston University faculty for evaluation and grading.


Preston University operates on a continuous enrollment system permitting students to begin their studies at any time of the year. Courses and programs begin on the first day of each month.


Students approved for admission may enroll in courses to begin on the first day of the month following enrollment.


Formal graduation ceremonies are held in the USA during May each year. Graduates from any of Preston University’s programs are invited to attend.


All students are encouraged to use local library resources in their region. Students are also encouraged to benefit from online library resources and information databases using the Internet and database providers such as Northern Light available by individual subscription at:


Preston University course credit is assigned according to the amount of study time required to complete each course. Traditionally, on-site course work earns one semester credit for each 15 hours of classroom lecture time. Generally, 15-30 hours of assigned homework is also associated with each semester credit. Courses completed through distance education methods earn the same number of credits as the equivalent on-campus courses. Most Preston University courses are rated for three semester credits.


All official academic documents (transcripts, certificates and diplomas) are embossed with the Preston University corporate seal. Students may request an apostille, local notarization or higher certifications of such official documents for an additional fee. Contact the Registrar’s Office for current fees. The official transcript and degree certificate awarded upon graduation are free; requests for additional transcripts should be accompanied by a $15.00 payment for each document. The fee for replacement diplomas is $25.00 each. All graduates will receive a degree certificate suitable for framing or display. When certification of the degree is requested, an additional certificate will be issued containing the desired certifications at additional cost.


The Academic Program Coordinator will recommend award of the appropriate degree when the following requirements have been met:

  • satisfactory completion of all course work;
  • completion of an approved project, thesis or dissertation, if required;
  • full payment of all tuition, fees and costs;
  • written approval of the supervising professor; (Doctoral degrees only)

Preston University will award the degree and send the degree certificate and an official transcript to the student. The student may also elect to receive his or her degree in a formal graduation ceremony held in the USA. The student is responsible for visa arrangements, travel and lodging costs to attend the ceremony. Graduates wishing to attend the graduation ceremony in the USA or who desire to purchase academic regalia (graduation cap and gown) should contact the Student Advisor’s office before February of their graduation year.


To apply for Preston University Degree programs, complete the   Application for Admission   and send or bring it together with accompanying documents and the application fee of US $75.00 to:

Preston University  
3681 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 451  
Los Angeles CA 90010 USA

The following documents should accompany the application.

  • Copies of   all   Secondary School, Bachelors, Masters and other diplomas. (Transcribed in English)
  • Official copies   of all academic transcripts from each school attended. (In English and notarized if translated from originals)
  • These transcripts should be mailed directly to Preston University from each school you have attended. For institutions that do not issue additional transcripts, photocopies of the documents, suitably notarized, or attested by an official of the issuing school or other official certification will be accepted.
  • A passport-sized photo of the applicant.

Candidates for Masters or Doctoral Degrees should submit the following documents in addition to the above.

  • A complete Curriculum Vitae or résumé.
  • An initial research proposal outlining the general field of study and your primary research focus. The initial proposal is usually three to eight typewritten pages (for Ph.D. candidates only).


Distance Education students whose native language is not English must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) as a condition of enrollment. The minimum acceptable score is 500 on the written exam or 175 on the computer-based test. Students may begin their studies in Provisional Status until they complete the TOEFL, but the test scores must be received by Preston University within two years following enrollment or prior to graduation, whichever comes first. The school code for Preston University on the TOEFL is 4640.


Each degree program has a minimum academic content specified in semester credits. Course credits with a grade of “C” or better earned at other colleges or universities recognized by Preston University may be transferred into Preston degree programs subject to acceptance by the Admissions Office. Quarter credits from other institutions are converted into equivalent semester credits as follows: 1 semester credit equals 1.5 quarter credits. All students must complete Preston University course work in addition to projects, reports, theses or dissertations to qualify for award of a degree.

The maximum amount of transfer credit that may be awarded and applied towards the total degree program requirement is:  Associate Degree (45 semester credits); Bachelors Degree (90 semester credits); Masters Degree (6 semester credits); Doctoral Degree (30 semester credits beyond the Bachelors degree).



Full degree status is granted to those individuals who have met all degree admission requirements and have provided all required documents including: an   Application for Admissionform, official transcripts of prior college course work and verification of professional work experience when required.


Those individuals for whom all required official academic documentation has not been received may become a provisional degree candidate, but must supply the required documentation, or evidence of a sincere effort to do so prior to graduation. The student may submit the   Application for Admission   along with available documentation for consideration by the Admissions Office. The Admissions Office may admit the student in a provisional status pending receipt of all the required documents. When all required documents have been received, the student is given full degree status.