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Welcome to Preston University’s worldwide campus. We are a distributed university headquartered in the United States with academic partners across the globe. It is our mission to offer high quality educational opportunities that enable students to reach their individual academic goals. 

When you enroll with Preston, you join students from around the world who are following their dreams. What are your dreams?  We are here to help you achieve them through a rigorous, affordable education.  -- Dr. Abdul Basit, President

In today’s competitive work environment, earning an advanced academic degree is the first step to a highly successful career. Don’t be left behind. Give yourself the educational foundation and business insights that will open doors to your future. I am confident you will find our programs among the best available.   -- Dr. Jerry Haenisch, Chancellor

Preston University is a private university headquartered in the United States of America. We cater to students from around the world who desire to further their formal education and realize career goals.

We offer Associate, Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate degrees in a variety of disciplines. Our students earn their degrees through our distance education.


Preston University is an established U.S. school with a rich educational history. We were founded in 1984 and have awarded thousands of degrees to students just like you from around the world. We provide a challenging education through carefully selected course materials and excellent, personalized instruction. Preston’s ease of entry is another key feature. Our applicant screening process is straightforward, designed to admit all qualified students quickly and simply. Our comparatively low tuition is a final reason to choose Preston. We strive to keep our programs economical and financially accessible to our students worldwide. Preston University provides a quality education at a remarkably fair price. We invite you to apply today.

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